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Our Story

 “There’s magic in the theater.  Shy children blossom.

Eager performers find their natural element. Hard work

and discipline, as well as fun, are what makes the magic happen. 

Amanda Baird, founder of MTLA, experienced that magic

as a child. She was shy and found her voice acting in plays written and staged by her mother in their backyard. In 1997 she transitioned from teaching kindergarten at Brentwood Lower School to starting an afterschool musical theater program.

Stage Kids Theater Company—now  Musical Theater Los Angeles has expanded into afterschool classes, summer camps, workshops for adults, and curricular partnerships with over 15 top L.A. schools. 


"There’s nothing better than watching a child come out of their shell. To become so confidentt, they're fearless. To connect authentically with their audience and speak honestly from their heart. To genuinely give 100% of who they are every time they step on stage.

To learn how to do all of that well. That discipline, that sense of fun, passion and play is  invaluable. No matter how old they are or what they end up doing when they leave us, the skills they learn here will serve them in their lives forever.

Join us! We look forward to experiencing the magic of theater with you.

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