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School Programs

Amanda has built MTLA into a fantastic and first-rate drama workshop that builds children’s self-esteem. She will often have more than 20 kids signed up to take the class. Amanda and her staff work cooperatively within the guidelines of school policies and procedures.”

– Mary Beth Barry, Brentwood Lower School 

Musical Theater Los Angeles has created after school programs for some of the finest private and public schools in Los Angeles. We offer enrichment classes in acting, voice, hip-hop, ballet and jazz, stage combat and impov. We also offer musical theater production classes where we hold auditions, run rehearsals then stage and present a full theatrical production  of your choice with full hair, makeup, costumes, and a set for your students friends and family on your stage or on ours.


At Musical Theater Los Angeles we believe that theater can be transformative and a force for good. We do everything we can to create the best experience for each child and school. We hire the finest teachers, we buy the best costumes but most importantly we put our hearts and souls into  everything we do. We care deeply about what we do. Not to create Broadway stars but to create confident, happy, fearless, quirky, resilient performers. We will work one-on-one with your administration or PTA to work with the class size and budget to create the type of program that  best fits the needs of your school.  

Let’s Work Together

Musical Theater Los Angeles has partnerships with many top private and public schools in the Los Angeles area. Please contact us if you would like to start a program at your school! 

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